One Foot

One Foot

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

How Things Were Created

God and his angels were in the middle of creation and working out the final design details of the various earth occupants. 

                “Did you want hallow bones on all animals, God?” asked one of the angel draftsmen.  “Or did you want them on just the birds?”

                “Just the birds, please,” answered God.

                A bit skeptical, the angel asked, “Won’t they blow around? You already created wind you know.”

                “They’ll be fine,” answered God.  “We’ll call that soaring.”

                The angels nodded and went on to the next questions.  “What to do about that bland bunch of butterflies you created – were you going to fix them?”

                “No, no.” God responded.  “I like the differences and we’ll make them a whole different group.  We’ll call them moths.”

                And so the day went.  As they entered the final details onto the drawings, one angel looked up puzzled.  He seemed to think about his question for a minute, as though he simply might have forgotten the answer. Finally, he raised his hand and asked,” I’m sure you must have told me, God, but just how long does it take to grow a lip?”

                I’m sure that must have been how it went.  As someone once said, “It’s all in the details, you know.”  There must have been some very fine last minute details going on when we were created and some of it is a mystery to us, but I do know the answer to the lip question.

                Here is how I found out.  You see, I volunteer with a state organization to preserve one of our natural resources – the prairie.  They round up the Kansas City Symphony, send out a bunch of invites and everyone shows up in a huge cow pasture to hear them play.  Not only are 6,000 people loony enough to go, but another 400 of us show up to herd them around.

                The day was about 85 degrees or so and a very strong wind was coming out of the southwest.  I was assigned to the trailer taxi to get folks from point A to B.  Our hats wouldn’t stay on, but we slathered on the sunscreen and did our best for about seven hours.  I watched the symphony for awhile and went home exhausted.

                The next morning I woke up feeling a little sand blasted, and went in to brush the teeth, etc. and caught my image in the mirror.  My face and arms were a bit pinkish, but not burned, however,  my bottom lip was swollen badly and one would have suspected a botox injection gone bad.  Not only did they not form a “sexy and sensual” pout, it was pretty clear they were going to in a painful state quickly.

                Of course, I slathered and dabbed on every medicinal crème I could think of, but the lip tissue did what it was designed to do.  It puffed up in full blister by day one.  Each day was a repeat and the entire lip sloughed off as new tissue was formed and old wounded tissue discarded.  Drinking was done with a straw and burn crème was on it at all times. 

                Each day brought more healing, and new tender lip tissue replaced it, until finally I had only one last spot where the damage was the worst.  That took an additional two days.

                So, what was God’s answer to the angel that asked, “How long does it take to grow a new lip?”

                The answer was “eight days.  Ten if needed.”

                On about day six, I faced the healing process with awe of our Creator.  This was not the first time I had been aware of the most miraculous way humans and creatures are put together.  Our bodies can be wounded or ill, sometimes devastated, and yet there is a healing process built in.  How can anyone who has ever experienced this ever doubt the existence of the Creator? 

                Is there not an intimacy we feel with God when we heal?