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One Foot

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Comedy Cats Are Such Good Medicine: I Laugh

I was standing at the bathroom lavatory this morning, quietly flossing my teeth.  Since it is a job of a couple of minutes I had closed my eyes and was in some stage of relaxation.  Job complete, I opened my eyes to the face of my Siamese cat about two inches from my nose, intently peering into the cavern of my mouth.  “aacck!” I uttered in surprise, and then laughed out loud.  “Where are those cynical non-cat owners when she does something this funny?” I asked myself.
People often give me a short list of reasons why they don’t want cats – usually when they are left out of a perfectly good cat-observation-discussion by cat owners.  “Too independent for me,” says my bachelor friend.  “Nope,” says my dog-owned friend, “too much cat hair.”  And sadly, a friend who admits she’s afraid of them because they might bite.
I have to admit those are all valid reasons, and I could probably come up with a similar list for dog ownership.  But the reason I DO have cats is for the sheer hilarity and amusement of having them in the house.  After all, no one, other than a grandchild, could make me laugh like these two characters.
My oldest cat, a Siamese, came to me from the animal shelter in a nearby city.  Mama cat has been expecting when someone turned her in, and the three babies were born and raised until adoption in the shelter.  “Aaah,” I thought.  The shelter folks will have them spoiled rotten and they will be real “people” cats.  Not so, said my darling kitty from day one as she revealed her own personality, told me when she wanted to be carried, when she would allow me to pet her, and most certainly what she would and wouldn’t eat.  She was also a comedy routine from the beginning.

At the time, I was doing some hand quilting in a small quilting frame.  If I had a dime for each time I removed her from what she apparently thought was a kitty bed, I would be rich.  It wasn’t the removal that amused me, but rather her style and drama as I did so.  She never did the things other cats do that annoy the heck out of us, but she would sure find creative vaudeville in any room she was in.
The Siamese became so fond of me, I found myself dragging her around as she attached herself to my ankle.   So when I found a kennel full of kittens at the vets’ office one day the idea occurred to me to adopt a sister for her.  The cutest one was a little grey striped model that was hanging off the top of the cage where she had adroitly climbed for escape.  Shouldn’t that have been a clue that I might have a comedic twin to the cat I already owned?  Yi, yi, yi, I am a slow learner.
Sissy Sings at Christmas
My friends told me I was crazy to get a kitten with a full grown Siamese.  They were predisposed to the idea that Siamese are mean and moody, I suppose.  What they didn’t realize was that mine wasn’t either of those, and was so attached to me she had taken to giving me “love bites,” which were getting a little tiresome.  So home came the grey striped kitty with the name of “Sissy.”
“Some adjustment period might be advisable” was the advice I received and once the kitten had taught the old gal how to play tag and race from one end of the house to the other, I realized the advice was meant for me and not the animals. 
Three years later this pair keeps me laughing  - both cats like to ride like a baby sack of flour across my left shoulder and both love to be rocked and told a story.  Grey Sissy likes to have her paws clapped, comes and asks to be picked up and put on my shoulder.  Both cats play “cry wolf” and wait for me to find them helpless and wounded, except they can never wait long enough and usually come to find out why I’m taking so long. 
People who don’t own cats might not realize the facial expressions and feelings cats can relay to their people, but these make them amazing friends.  If I am hurt and crying, a cat will come and brush the tears away from my face.  That always makes me smile at them, and I swear they smile back. They worry, they frown, and yes, they laugh at me. 
As I watched the latest cat race just a few minutes ago, I saw the smartest animals ever.  The Siamese ran and the grey chased.  The Siamese hid behind the door and the grey looked surprised and went another direction.  Curious about her pursuer, the Siamese came out to check and the grey jumped on her from behind the corner.  “HHAA!” her expression said and off the two went, this time with the Siamese in pursuit. 
It being a grey sort of “indoorsy” day around here, I suppose I’ll stay in by the fire and enjoy it with my cats.  The truth be told, they really do like to have me read a story to them around 4:00 p.m.

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