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One Foot

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Bend in The Road

I love to photograph new walking trails, and on a recent trip, I was introduced to two new ones.  One was Audubon crafted around city ball fields, a delight to walk because it rescued an old creek bed and the ecosystem supported by it.  This was the rougher of the two trails.
          The second trail found its home atop an old land fill, circled through transitional woods, and offered access to fields and play areas.  Newly constructed, the entire park would now provide a natural outdoor experience for thousands in the future.
           On each trail, the designers had artfully created intriguing and frequent curves in the path.  I am a real sucker for “bends in the road” as they pull me forward, curious about the unknown and that which might lie ahead.
          How often life presents one of these “bends in the road.”  Such an occurance shows us that the path is not always predictable – as if the path had its own idea of the way things are going to go, and that is not always a pleasant twist.
          I have found these bends usually present something different and new, but seldom do we meet real harm in them.  It’s just that when we took that particular path, we had certain expectations; perhaps we made some promises about our arrival; perhaps we lost our way on the path.
          I like to tell the story of a particular trail I once took that was so rough it caused me to fall several times.  Upon my arrival, the group I was to meet up with quickly heard about my clumsiness from my fellow hikers who ribbed me good naturedly.
          “So, how did you finally overcome the pitfalls of the trail?” asked a friend at the top.
          I grinned.  “Well, when I started, I couldn’t keep my eyes off the peaks we were climbing to,” I said as I extended my deeply scratched hand for consideration.  “And then, I figured out that while I wanted very badly to reach them, it was an awfully good idea to keep my eyes on the trail as well.”
          I know as you meet new trails and the bends in the road that occur, you’ll be looking at the path and not just at the peaks.  We all get where we are going with some skill, some caution, and the belief that Our Lord will also make the crooked straight for us.

Isaiah 40:4
Every valley shall be exalted, and every mountain and hill shall be made low: and the crooked shall be made straight, and the rough places plain

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