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One Foot

Friday, December 6, 2013

Do We Go Consumer Blind at Christmas?

          I don’t need as much outdoor wear as I once did when I enjoyed winter sports, but one item I can’t do without are my Polartec 180 earmuffs.  I have a bad right ear and unless covered, I have pain that will send me inside in minutes.  This week the temperature dropped to under 20 degrees and I couldn’t find them.  Emergency declared.
         Spent two days in the stores looking for similar product while an internet order came in.  Of course I shopped the Penny’s, Targets, and various sports stores and found many alternate models.  After trying them all on, it became clear that these products are not only inferior, the design of such is so bad it would be impossible to warm the ear.  They were not any cheaper even though they were not made in the USA. 
          I asked myself, “doesn’t anyone care if a product works or fits anymore?” Are we so blind at Christmas that we just buy an item without any regard for quality of design and manufacture?
           I looked around at the racks to see much poor quality in sweaters, coats, etc.  At another store I saw household items that would top the impractical list as well as quality of design and the big store that claims to be our community’s friend couldn’t have produced a product of quality if it tried. 
              I sure hope we have reached the "tipping point" of tolerance for bad merchandise.  I went home empty handed and vowed not to buy the stuff.  I am tired of sweaters with arms four inches too long and clothing made of a substance that must surely be recycled soda bottles.  My oldest garment is far better. 

     Come to think of it, I saw some really nice things at the thrift shop this week.  Its sad when used is superior to the products in stores, but at least someone actually had arms the same length as mine.

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