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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day and Lessons Learned

A lifetime of Susie

            Mother’s Day finds me I a reflective state, musing about the impact my own mother had on my life.  She died about fifteen years ago leaving a forever impression on my life and heart.
            I was my mother’s caregiver the last two years of her life and although I often found this difficult, I also find my experience is one now to be shared with many friends who are dealing with their own parents.  It is often so painful to deal with our loved ones’ declining mental or physical health, let alone the increasing loss of their independence.  It is likely a strain on finances, a drain on available time, and a weight on the heart.
            I listened to a brief interview this morning with the contemporary Christian singer, Amy Grant as she shared thoughts which led to her new album; This is How Mercy Looks From Here.   She described a time in her own life when she, too, cared for her parents.  She was dealing with many problems as they aged and suffered from dementia. Overwhelmed and frustrated, she shared her feelings with a close friend, who thoughtfully responded,
A Moment of Peace
            “Take a deep breath.  Don’t you see?  This is the last great lesson your parents will teach you.”
            Tears came to my eyes as I listened.  From her own life, Amy Grant had learned to reframe an experience to see its value.  I could only empathize as I reflected on those difficult years with my own mother.  It was indeed her last great lesson for me.
            It is a beautiful Sunday afternoon and I have lunched with one son and chatted with the other.  I am a happy mother, pleased with the men who are my sons.  I continue to live my life loving them and hope I leave them richer as a result.  Is there any greater joy than motherhood? Are we not always teaching?

The interview with Amy Grant may be heard at, May 12, 2013 Weekend Edition, For Amy Grant, Beauty and Tragedy Give Way to Mercy.

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  1. Beautiful. Wonderful post full of wisdom. Thank you for sharing this!