One Foot

One Foot

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Power of Friendship

     Over the holidays I enjoyed the company of old friends who came into town to visit family.  It took only a few days to erase years of absence and fall into comfortable sharing and support.
          Friends are treasures that are sometimes hard to come by.  I’ve often heard the forming of friendships compared to the making of a quilt.  Pieces of our lives are patched together, sometimes with pretty pieces, but not always.  Eventually they are layered and become a whole – a whole that comforts, warms, and embraces us when needed.
              Today I was one of several recipients of a message from a friend telling us how much she cherished our friendship and thanking us for sticking by her when things were hard for her, walking with her after a significant loss, and telling us how much a hug meant.  I know we could all have said the same to and of her.   Her words illustrate the quilt analogy.  It took years and many experiences for us all to weave those fabrics of life together into a rich friendship. 
               For me and many others, best friendships began at my church.  I hear women speak of their good friends who shared in youth leadership, guild memberships, church suppers or a dozen other activities.  The pieces of the quilt come from years of being an involved part of our church family.
              Do you know how powerful friendship can be?  If we do “love one another” as Jesus asked, there is no surprise in it.  Friendship is powerful because it is based on love and caring.

Whether you’ve reached out to a new friend or old, never be surprised at the tears that come as you extend hand or hug.  “Thank you for being there for me,” is the thread of gratitude that holds friendship together.  It is indeed powerful.


  1. Great post...God is SO good to bless us with friends!

  2. Friendship is indeed powerful, as is your post. Thank you!