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Saturday, December 22, 2012

What Does a Quilt Mean?

A Quilt Loved Since 1935

Last week I wrapped and sent a nap-sized quilt to my daughter-in-law for Christmas.  It may be received in any manner of ways - perhaps delight; perhaps surprise at the good fortune of receiving still another quilt from me.  Regardless, it was made with love and I can count on that message being clear.
In a modern world, bed coverings can be purchased much more easily than made.  Some prefer fleece over cotton anyway.  Why waste time making them in this instant availability world?  The answer lies in making a physical symbol of love and relationship.
          Love is such a confusing state of being, it’s surprising we manage secure personalities at all.  Love from parents, once thought to be unconditional, can be snatched away in a divorce or death.  With it can go grandparents’ love, family and even community love.  Even when all relationships are intact, there are times in life when we feel alone and unloved and I believe there should be many physical symbols to remind us of loving times.
          From the beginning of life, we should have soft bears to hug and swaddling clothes to remind us of a mother’s embrace.  As we grow, we should have special “things” that mark our milestones and celebrate our relationships.   Rings and watches and girly necklaces still symbolize special moments and to abandon their significance would be a loss.
My cat insists on checking each quilt for comfort
 To me, a quilt represents a unique love for another.  Grandmas don’t make one for each grandchild without thought and love.  Often, every stitch represents the love and concern she has had for each, even when separated by half a world. Quilts that mark occasions are symbols just as surely.  Bride quilts, graduation quilts and quilts that go to college dorms hold within them a love to bring comfort whenever needed.
          The hug each of us needs when we have a heavy heart is present in the soul of each quilt.  It is placed there lovingly by the maker and remains even with the passage of time.   
          So when my daughter-in-law opens her gift quilt, the message that it was made with love is there.  She may not need a hug at that moment, but it will always be there when she does.

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