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One Foot

Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Walk in the Garden

Bartlett Arboretum April 2012

Over the last few weeks we have heard of Jesus in the garden many times.  The garden is where he went to pray and  rest and was the setting for his arrest.  It is there he chose to wait, his heart filled with anguish.

     I believe gardens have always provided peace and  repose for the seeker. Gardens are the perfect place for prayer.  The sounds of nature are quieting, almost as if the earth is murmuring to our troubled hearts.  For that reason, I am creating meditation spaces in my garden so I can pause in my efforts and thoughts.  Every once in a while during any day of work, it is refreshing to just sit and look at what has been created by effort and designed by God.  No gardener should deny herself those moments to refresh the soul – and body.
            I have been to Bartlett Arboretum  in Belle Plaine several times this spring, and the gardens are more beautiful than they have been in many years.  As a child I used to peak through the iron gates and wonder who the millionaire was who owned such a park.  Now I realize it was owned by someone who just loved gardens.  Early in the development of the garden bones, a sunken room was created with walls of limestone and surrounded  with holly and those famous tulips.  On the southern edge of that space, a cross of Kansas limestone was set.  It towers over the sunken garden and looks out across the water of the small pond.  If one is fortunate enough to be there when the garden is in peak form and the sunlight filters through the trees, it is breathtaking.  Thoughtfully, the current owner has placed a bench or two for those who would like to pause.   
            Where ever your garden is that calms your soul, I hope you visit often this summer.  We have much to be grateful for as this lush year replaces the previous year of drought and it would appear even the plants have recovered from their distress.  May your quiet moments there bring you peace.

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  1. This is good food for thought, and for the soul. I like your idea of pausing for meditation in the garden. The repetitive tasks in the garden provide a great time to meditate on Scripture, but as for pausing, that's easier for me to do in somebody else's garden, where I don't have to think about the weeds. The Bartlett Arboretum sounds beautiful; I'd love to visit there.