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One Foot

Monday, February 27, 2012

Nature Outing at Bartlett Arboretum

There is always something new at Bartlett Arboretum, Belle Plaine, Ks., even in February.  It was a brisk day, but we had calm winds until noon.  The owner, Robin Macy, has added a number of new trees, replacing many of those lost from pine bark beetles and age.  The flowers are coming up, including the tulips which we told to stay put for awhile, as we need them for the tulip festival in a few weeks.

For the first time in weeks there is water in the ponds and the ducks have found a spring vacation spot.  The drought last year was hard on the total environment, but volunteers are already in gear doing the spring cleanup and tree trimming.

This small group originally met through an Emporia State graduate class taught by Dr. Tom Eddy.  This arboretum was only one field trip of several we enjoyed together last summer.  If interested, check your state universities for field offerings.  We all plan to take another field class this year with Dr. Eddy.  

By noon, we had covered the grounds and took shelter in the "Garage-mahal," a central multi-function building that served as a lunch room that day as we shared our observations.

The gardens will be in top shape in just a couple of weeks and will be open to the public for the tulip festival and for music concerts.  You can get on the mailing list and discover the arboretum online at

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